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Blitzkrieg! has ended! I hope you all had fun, sadly i couldn't enter this one, personal reasons, but oh well, the next one i will too. The polls will be up sortly for you to vote on.

We will be taking a break from contest for a few weeks now, to prepare a grande summer contest to start near the end of may. Stay tuned for more.

Now, in our last journal we mentioned trades and auctions. There now is a new subfolder named "Auctions and Trades" in the miniature gallery. Any miniatures you have that you would like to sell or trade off, you take a photo of them and in their description post a link to the ebay auction or any similar info. When the trade is done, just remove the deviation.
IMPORTANT: no commission advertisement whatsever will be accepted, only miniatures that were once yours wich you want to sell or trade off.

Also, if you want to spread the word about them, or chitchat with other gamers and hobbyists, head over to: Many have asked for a group forum, and this is the closest thing we have to one. It's enough hassle to manage a group, managing a forum as well would be too big of a job. But many of us here already have an account there, so if you wanna chat with some of the mods or admins, head there. Or if you need gaming or hobbying advice, or if you just want to show off your work to other, non-deviant people ;)

This is :iconolovni: signing off.
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Submitted on
April 23, 2012