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Folder definitions

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 20, 2012, 12:34 PM
Gallery reorganisation is a lengthy process, especially with so much subfolders that we have (not of my doing, that's the previous establishments creation :P). While we reorganise these, please make sure to use just the following few folders:

Featured: If you're unsure into what folder your work should go, submit here. We'll move it to the appropriate folder later.

Miniatures: Photos of SINGLE miniatures go here. Wheter it's a single marine, tank, monstrous creature or superheavy, it doesn't matter.
Miniatures subfolder - Unpainted Conversions: I think this one is self explanatory. Any conversion work you have done to something wheter it's just a kitbash or a comples sculpt should go here if it's unpainted. Basically this is if you want to show the world how did you do it.
Miniatures subfolder - Unit and army pictures: this folder is for photographs showing MULTIPLE miniatures. Wheter a unit or more, or an entire army. Just make sure that you don't post a unit of models whose single photos you already submited to the parent folder, those will be denied ;)
Miniatures subfolder - Terrain: again, self explanatory.
Miniatures subfolder - Battlefleet Gothic: This is a separate folder for the BFG game that is set in the 40k universe, and it's separate from the regular minis due to the scale and type of models used. There will be separate folders for other 40k-based games if the need arises (namely for Necromunda and Epic) but so far we didn't had the need to open up those two folders

Art: drawn art, wheter digital or traditional (or even photography or photomanipulation) goes to this folder.
Art subfolder - 3D: 3d models are to be submitted here.
Art subfolder - Written work: writting is a form of art too, and any and all written work you have is to be submitted here, wheter prose or poetry.
Art subfolder - sculptures and other traditional art: this folder is for the non-drawn art you might have created. Sculptures, carvings, that sort of stuff. Note that cosplay props, no matter how well made, are not to be submitted here.

Tutorials: any form of tutorial regarding our hobby or any part of our hobby, be it miniature painting, freehand, drawing, photography... or anything else we can't think of at the moment, should go here.

Game Resources folder: this is where your custom made gaming resources should go. Char sheets for Dark Heresy and the like, custom made fan-codexes, tools for gaming of your own design, battle reports, the works.

Miscallenious: Funnies and comics that still pretain the tone of the 40k universe should go here. As well as anything else that doesn't fit the general description of the previous folders, be it a cosplay item, crafted item, website resource, gif, animation, or anything similar. Note that there is a Cosplay subfolder specifically for cosplay photographs

Please, do not submit into folders that are not on this list. They are currently being worked on and cleaned up to be removed or reedited. Thank you.

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Submitted on
October 20, 2012